Winter And Having No Weight Gain

 I’ve just had lunch and got to thinking about winter food and having no weight gain again like last year, and how it’s been like this for the last few years since I tamed the beast.  I was thinking how good it is to have my weight under control when so many guys seem to be in a constant battle with their food.

 I’m sitting here in Somerset in the UK today, the weather is better than it was in July, well actually… May, June and July for that matter.  We’ve had no real summer as such, just lots of rain with a higher temperature not that much different from winter.  Well any way back to the constant battle with food…

The only way to deal with this is to manage your weight and exercise especially now you’re in your fifties, it’s a time in your life when it’s so easy to pile on the weight but it’s not as difficult to deal with as you may think . When it comes to food don’t think “less” think “balance”.

Three meals a day and healthy snacks is the way to go or your body will hold on to the fat.  Doing without will not work for weight loss if your body is not fed regularly it will go in to starvation mode.

It’s not about “not eating”; it’s about awareness and managing it.  In other words it’s important to know what your weight is, and what it should be.  Then start taking the action on getting, and, keeping it there. In your fifties you should be enjoying your food and you can if you have the control.  It doesn’t need to be a chore.

Managing your diet is something you need to do every day, I do it.  When you have that control you will naturally eat more healthily and you can indulge yourself but keep it in check.  You don’t want to stop eating all the things you have always enjoyed, but if you understand weight gain and nutrition and you stay active you can be relaxed about your food.

Look I like dessert, and there’s nothing nicer for me than a piece of Cake…pure indulgence right?  Usually on weekends or special occasions.  I’ve always had a sweet tooth, my Mother was a great cook, when I was growing up with my brother and sister we always had homemade Cakes and Puddings, homemade Jam, that we quite often picked the fruit for from the fields and hedges around where we used to live and we always had home cooked meals.

My brother and I as kids were always big eaters.  Often finishing off what my sister would leave – if the dog didn’t get it first! But I must say we were always “on the go” and burnt it all off.  It’s only as we reached middle age that we started to put weight on, me more than him-he always teases me about that.  But hey, we’re all different.

My lunch today was 4 ounces (100 mgs) of Salmon, which I absolutely love, one of those foods that are healthy and tasty.  I had this with a mixed Salad with a lemon dressing made with Olive Oil, and I washed this down with a big mug of ordinary tea with a splash of milk (for me you can’t beat tea).

I think like most guys my big food challenge has always been, and still is, Bread! Of which I think there’s none I don’t like.  Potatoes…Bring them on, Boiled, Baked, Roasted, Mashed, Chips, Wedges…shall I go on?  But Bread is my Achilles Heel.  I could eat it with anything and have done in the past.  But these days I have it under control and still enjoy it all.  The big difference is not all the time!

As I was saying the weather here today is so nice.  It’s sometimes referred to in the uk as “Salad Weather”.  But in a few weeks time the temperature will drop, and we’ll all want to eat food that is hot and wholesome, and in general more filling.  Like a nice bowl of home-made Soup, and maybe one slice – notice I said “one slice” of crusty bread!  Preferably wholemeal, which has a slower release of energy from the Carbs’ than white bread.  Having said that – I love white bread!

But remember it’s all about balance and management.  If you want a piece of white bread then have it, but be disciplined the next time, have the brown option, or do without all together.  You might think this is hard, but if you’re in your fifties and you’ve started to notice weight gain, this is the only way to manage it.

If you are overweight you’ve got some work to do, and there is a lot on this website that will get you there.  Then you too will be managing your weight and not in a constant battle with your food, which most people inevitably lose and is sure to cause you health problems down the road.

Eating hot, wholesome, food is what we all want to do when it’s cold. our bodies are burning more energy to keep us warm.  We tend to stay inside more, we become more sedate, and maybe slouch on the Couch, and watch more TV than we should.  Well it’s winter!

If you’re managing your diet and doing some exercise you can relax and avoid the winter weight gain that so many people suffer with.  And you can come out of the winter with maybe no more than a pound  or two gained –  if any, and it will not be a problem for you to lose this by reducing your portion size, you have the control step it up, step it down, indulge.  That’s the way I do it.

The winter is going to be a really bad time for your health and fitness if your weight is out of control and you are not aware.  Or maybe you are, but you’re just closing your mind to it.  Chances are you’re not exercising either, because you  have no motivation.  This is a problem that’s going to get worse if you are overweight now, and you will be substantially overweight by the spring.

So Winter And No Weight Gain should be your aim.  Why don’t you deal with this once and for all?  Put a plan in place to get there and get the control back so you can enjoy eating and exercising.  There will be no weight gain in the winter or ever.

photo credit: jazzijava via photo pin cc

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