Fitness – You Know What, I Truely Believe You Can Do It!

Man on BeachFitness – you know what, I truely believe you can do it. If you’ve been following my Blogs, you will know by now, and I think I’ve demonstrated it, that getting fit and maintaining your fitness in your 50’s and beyond is quite easy to do.  The biggest hurdle by far is your mindset and determination, which I’ve talked about in previous blogs, sort this, just jump in and get started straight away.

 If you’re a bit overweight there’s no need to buy complicated calorie counting fad diets, remember it’s all about balance and portion size.  Buying the latest piece of home exercise equipment might give you a “feel good factor”, but are you sure you’re going to use it?   And is it really what you need?

I would say keep it simple.  Power Walking – in other words pacing it out, not a slow stroll is a great way to start. Running, if you’ve not done this before, but have thought about it give it a go.  I would suggest you plan a short route, say a mile there and back.  Start by Power Walking and building up to a Run.  Then Run and Walk at intervals that suit you.

Cycling, again pick a route preferably away from a lot of traffic; you want this to be enjoyable, not like being stuck in the rush-hour.  You want to include a few hills where possible or if not, again like with the walking, and build your pace in short sprints.  Swimming, I talked about this yesterday, it’s a really good all round workout, it’s amazing how you can move in water.  There’s no right or wrong with all this stuff, do what feels good at your own pace. 

Remember this should be enjoyable.  Just start doing something. I know you’ll feel great if you do.  But like with all exercise if you’re just starting or haven’t exercised in a while you should consult your Doctor for a check up.   Tell him what you’re doing; it usually gets a good conversation going in my experience. You can talk about old injuries you may have, or health issues, and the challenges you face around those, in wanting to keep fit.  

You’ll get a positive response I’m sure.  Having someone talking about their fitness and how they want to maintain it, will be a bright spot in their day, believe me, when there are so many  people they have to deal with who are there as a result of not keeping fit, and though the “writing is on the wall” are still unmotivated. I’d love to know what you think, please leave a comment below.

Prioritize your fitness in your 50’s and beyond

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