Your Body’s True Potential Is Staying Healthy

Your Body’s True Potential Is Staying Healthy and this can be achieved.  As men, we always carry a picture of fitness and health as bulging muscles, superman strength, derived from a strong athletic build. 

But fitness more importantly means the body’s resistance level and stamina for physical activities.  And peak fitness is the point wherein your physical ability and faculties are functioning at optimum level.  Peak fitness means achieving the fullest potential of your strength and stamina in your activities on a daily basis.

And contrary to what most people think, that peak health and fitness is only for the young, men over 50 are, and can, still achieve peak fitness, given the condition of their body.

Achieving peak fitness does not only mean working at an exercise Plan, or lots of energy and hard muscle.  It also means following good health and fitness habits, designed not only to build and develop your muscles, but sustain your body with the energy and the requirements needed for the performance of your everyday   tasks, at work, and leisure, to your fullest potential.

Avoid an inactive lifestyle, be mobile, and exercise.  Keeping your body used to physical activity and an active lifestyle develops the muscles and strengthens your body’s capacity to do certain tasks.  Sedate individuals do not only gain more flab in their middle, they are also more prone to injuries and illness. 

It is an absolute scientifically proven fact, that inactivity, and out-of-control weight gain will kill you.  As it does–literally, to hundreds of thousands of people across the world every year. 30 minutes of routine exercise everyday, starting slowly into the exercise you intend to do, warms your muscles in preparation for the stretching and the work out you intend to do.  This will help your body reach and maintain its peak fitness level. 

Always remember not to abuse your body. Don’t overdo it.  This will only set you up for possible injury, YES you need to push it.  And then you need to slow down, cool down, and give yourself time to relax those muscles.  Too much or too little of anything is bad.

Give yourself enough sleep.  Sleep is important, as it allows your body to rejuvenate, the tissues to heal, the brain and other organs to slow down in their function. 

A good night’s sleep spells more energy the next day, a more enthusiastic, active YOU.  Enough sleep allows you and your body to function optimally, to your fullest potential.  It is the body’s means to recharge itself.

Your peak health and fitness levels can be easily measured in your everyday life by your ability to deal with life’s stresses and challenges, both physically and mentally.

Like a good well oiled, and maintained machine.  Our bodies should be able to do its work in much the same way.  And we should not have to “squeak” and “grind” our way through the day. 


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